The International Women’s Islamic Games, previously known as the Muslim Women’s Games, is an international multi-sport event organised by the Islamic Federation of Women Sport (IFWS).  The Games, similar in structure to the Olympics and endorsed by the IOC, takes place in a female-only environment allowing women who would not normally access similar competition due to religious and cultural sensitivities to experience the thrill and privilege of representing their country at high-level competition.  The first Games took place in 1993 in Iran and were held again in 1997, 2001 and 2005.  At the first Games 10 countries consisting of 407 athletes participated and by the 2005 Games this had increased to 44 countries and 1,316 athletes.  In 2001, the MWSF made history by sending a British squad, thereby being the first organisation to send a non-Muslim country team to the Games.  Other non-Muslim countries, such as Germany and the USA, followed suit in 2005.  The MWSF is the official body for the UK to the International Women’s Islamic Games with members of our Board sitting on the IFWS Committees.


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