Born to Succeed was a five year project commissioned by the MWSF and funded largely by the Football Foundation which increased the number of Muslim women and girls in sport through playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering.  The overall objectives were to provide:

    • Regular structured training sessions in Futsal and Basketball in an all-female environment, including leagues and tournaments
    • School Outreach Programmes
    • Research into Muslim women and girls’ participation in sport
    • Support to individuals to become coaches and referees

The purpose of Born to Succeed was to produce sustainable results and highlights include:

    • 5 Futsal and Basketball Clubs set up and managed by the MWSF and various casual sessions set up across the UK in partnership with local authorities, which are now running independently
    • Annual Futsal and Basketball Leagues and Tournaments, including the Summer Fusion Basketball Tournament and the original Futsal Festival to provide competitive opportunities in a fun environment
    • A 5 week Futsal-based schools’ outreach programme delivered to a number of schools to encourage girls largely from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities aged 15-16 to get active and educate them about opportunities beyond school to embed a healthy and active lifestyle for life
    • Futsal and Basketball coaching and refereeing courses to empower, upskill and generate everyday female role models.  These newly qualified women and girls were then provided the opportunity to use their skills through the MWSF’s work in other areas
    • Continuous education, consultancy and support to National Governing Bodies and sports organisations to understand the needs of this group of women and girls so that they are able to use the best practice demonstrated by the MWSF
    • Initial stage insight into barriers to participation in sport for Muslim women and girls and, more importantly, how to overcome them so that the sports industry can address the barriers
    • Campaign to raise awareness of the great role models that exist in the wider female global population and Muslim sportswomen and girls, such as She Inspires Me and Who’s That Girl


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